Ordering Uniforms!

A Wa-Klo camper will be wearing a uniform most of the time during her camp stay. One day a week, the camper is allowed to wear what she wants. Amerasport and Maine Camp Outfitter catalogs and packing lists will serve to guide parents. Uniform items may be purchased on own; however, the color must be a dark forest green and should not have imprints other than the Camp Wa-Klo logo. Other shades of green such as khaki, kelly, olive and the like are not acceptable. Please make certain that correct uniforms are included when packing and that your daughter has the correct uniform items. Most clothing need not have the imprinted Wa-Klo logo, but please make certain that your daughter has the required articles that must have a logo. If you have questions concerning uniforms, please call or email Camp Wa-Klo.

MCO-logo amerasport-logo

All items can be purchased at Maine Camp Outfitters or Amerasport; click on Maine Camp Outfitters or Amerasport links to access the catalogs. If you have questions concerning uniforms or want a copy of the catalog that can be found on the Maine Camp Outfitters or Amerasport websites, please call Camp Wa-Klo at 1-978-225-3292 or refer to the Parents’ Guide and packet which was mailed to you.


Required Uniform Clothing with Wa-Klo Logo

  • 2 LOGO white shirts (t-shirt or polo)
  • 2 LOGO green shirts (t-shirt or polo)
  • 1 Wa-Klo green LOGO one-piece swim suit
  • 2 Wa-Klo green LOGO sweatshirts
  • 2 Wa-Klo green LOGO sweatpants

More Required Items:

  • 3 white shirts (with or without logo)
  • 4 green shirts (with or without logo)
  • 6 Wa-Klo Shorts (4 green and 2 white with or without logo)
  • underwear (10 pair)
  • socks (10 pair)
  • warm pajamas (1-2 pair)
  • lightweight pajamas (1-2 pair)
  • rain gear (raincoat or poncho–any color)
  • bathrobe
  • supplies for letter writing
  • flashlight and batteries
  • sleeping bag
  • laundry bag
  • pillow and 2 pillowcases
  • 3 heavy single blankets
  • 2 sets of sheets (2 fitted/2 flat)
  • 6 towels
  • face/wash cloths
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • shower caddy or bucket
  • hairbrush
  • feminine hygiene products
  • sunblock
  • shin guards (for soccer, field hockey)
  • tissues
  • soap & shampoo
  • sneakers
  • shower shoes
  • sturdy sport shoes
  • trunk (Suggestion: paste a list inside the trunk cover of all items inside)
  • water bottle (labeled)
  • eye guard (lacrosse)
  • mouth guard (field hockey, lacrosse)